The economic impact and well being of individuals is greatly influenced by the qualities of communities we are connected with.

Communities are as unique as the individuals and contexts that create them.  And at the core of each, lies a basic set of ingredients that hold their intent, structure, and resiliency.

Through the unique confluence of individuals and organizations brought together, theCOREconference will provide the setting to explore and exchange ideas, practices and strategies inherent in those basic ingredients and the leadership required to maintain them.

theCOREconference will help expose the inherent pillars that hold communities structures together and provide us with new leaderships insights into the human behavior practices (coherence building, dynamic governance, collaboration methodologies); technological tools (online community platforms, crowdsourcing software, collaborative wikis);  platforms (offline, online, physical space, currency systems) and the purposes (collective intent studies, movement building strategies, business models) that underlie all types of communities and organizations.

To stimulate the mind, theCOREconference will provide a spectrum of ideas around community building and collaborative leadership, from the theoretical to the practical, covering such diverse topics as:

  • Patterns in ecological biology
  • The sacred in community life
  • Instilling trust in virtual communities
  • Collective intelligence
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Creative innovation
  • Online movement building
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Coherence building
  • Dynamic governance

To stimulate the body, theCOREconference is designed as an immersive participatory experience for all attendees utilizing the entire 45,000 sq ft. of the Craneway Pavilion as its backdrop. Attendees will be guided through facilitated demonstration circles, collaborative team-building sessions and facilitated networking that will help weave the social fabric of those present into a powerful action community.

And to stimulate the spirit, theCOREconference is intended to inspire community activation and create community within the context of the three days. The medium is the message at theCOREconference as form and experience influence content. What will come through the weaving of community builders with one another will certainly catalyze the experience for all attendees.

Summit Circles

theCOREconference will address questions in four main tracks:



What are the latest online tools and platforms for community engagement and management? How can you effectively utilize these technologies to enhance collaboration, harness collective intelligence and mobilize community action?


How can you use new structures of dynamic governance to help organize your community?
What are the best ways to facilitate trust and collaboration amongst members? How can you maintain open channels of communication and resolve disputes when necessary?


What practices from offline communities can we integrate into our online environments? How does space influence the resiliency of communities? What are ways you can connect and win in this engagement economy and get sustainable attention from your base audience?


How can
you create collective intent to help engage members within your community?
How can we measure the economics of community? How can you implement new complementary currency models into your community?

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