theCOREconference is being rescheduled.  Stay tuned for further details.

community leaders and technology developers convene to exchange pioneering practices, tools and strategies.


1. Conceive the future of communities—an opportunity for people, businesses, institutions and organizations to create vibrant cultures and economies:

» social enterprise
» urban innovation
» learning and education
» media and publishing
» intentional communities
» new currencies

2. Meet visionaries and innovators:

» community architects
» business innovators
» social entrepreneurs
» technology developers
» NGO directors
» movement builders
» educators
» city administrators
» foundation leaders

3. Launch an active culture of participation and collaboration through:

» multi-sector speakers and facilitators
» case studies and best practice demonstrations
» social and collaboration technologies expo
» open space collaboration sessions
» facilitated attendee networking and matching

theCORE take away: you will be informed, inspired, connected and empowered


A spectacular venue, right on the SF Bay

The historical Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, CA ~ 20 minutes north east of San Francisco.

Featured Presenters

Mark LakemanMark Lakeman

Of Villagers & Visions
Ajurna ArgadhArjuna Ardagh
Awakening Coaching

Radical Awakening
Liz HellerLiz Heller
Conspiracy for Good
Media Communities
Peter HirshbergPeter Hirshberg
Re:imagine Group

Brand Communities
Nick JankelNick Jankel
We Create
All the Dreams of the World
Jean NoubelJ. F. Noubel
Peggy DuvettePeggy Duvette
Wiser Earth
Scott SpannR. Scott Spann
Innate Strategies

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations
Jeff HamaouiJeff Hamaoui

Andie GraceAndie Grace
Burning Man

Jono BaconJono Bacon

The Art of Community

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